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    • Jeff Cole producer/director/writer
    • Jeff Cole producer/director/writer

      Award winning producer/director/writer Jeff Cole has been captivating audiences since he was a kid telling tall tales around the campfire. Now “supposedly” all grown up, Jeff’s story-telling magic still burns bright!
      Jeff served as a producer/director/writer for over a dozen one-hour documentaries for “Modern Marvels” on the History Channel. He supervised research, wrote outlines, treatments and final scripts. He directed crews on-location and conducted all interviews. He also supervised graphics and animations, rough/fine cut edits, music composition and final delivery.

      For 10 years he traveled the world reporting stories as a correspondent for “ Inside Edition.” He was tapped for his leadership skills and promoted to Los Angeles Bureau Chief for the program, where he was responsible for a staff of 50 and supervised over half the content of the daily national show.

      As a show producer for two seasons of “The Apprentice,” he directed shoots, oversaw story arcs, and supervised talent and crews; in addition, he managed story boarding, post editing, rough/fine edits and final delivery.

      Jeff was the executive producer for three full-length film documentaries for the nationally acclaimed production company Brave New Films. One of the documentaries, “War on Whistleblowers,” won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the YES Festival in 2013.

      In all of his roles Jeff was responsible for budgets, schedules, crews and supervising production from concept to final delivery.

      Now…on to the show!